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TEISS Awards

The European Information Security Summit 2017 (TEISS)

Participation in the Peer Awards for Excellence, is special because the judges are the finalists themselves, is easy as you can enter with your existing documentation without modification and is global because entry and judging take place online. The Information Security Peer Awards are presented in association with the Peer Awards for Excellence and celebrate innovation in implementing an effective infoSec strategy.

The winners of the awards will be announced at our rewards ceremony at TEISS 2018!

Award Categories

A Secure Brand

An organisation that successfully uses their cyber–security strengths to enhance their overall brand values in the minds of their customers, leading to enhanced customer engagement.

Breach Response

An organisation that has responded to a major cyber security breach in a way that reduced the potential impact of the incident, while at the same time keeping stakeholders (including customers) informed of the changing situation.

Security Usability

The development and implementation of cyber security policies and processes that take into account the employee’s requirement to work efficiently.

Security Effectiveness

Proof that an organisation’s investment in security has delivered an appropriate ROI; or the use of innovative KPIs; or the innovative visualization of security data.

Security Training

Organisations that use online or offline techniques to communicate information about their cyber security policies and requirement to employees in an effective manner so that the information is easily understood and remembered.

Technology for Security

Organisations that use existing cyber security technology particularly effectively or that develop new cyber security technology, either for their own internal use or for other organisations or people to use.

Security across Countries/Cultures

A cyber security programme that helps unify different cultures found in different parts of an organisation, perhaps after a merger, into a single strong culture.

An Influential InfoSec Leader

A most effective leader of a new or existing cyber security team, or of an organisation, personally involved in delivering a step change in that organisation’s approach to maintaining cyber security for themselves, their customers or the general public.

An Effective InfoSec Team

A cyber security team within an organisation that making a big difference to the cyber security of that organisation, its customers or the general public; the team concerned can be specialist IT or security teams or a team made up of people across the organisation.

Celebrating your Cyber Security

Communicating about an Information Security strategy or intervention to celebrate it within an organisation or externally, for instance using a variety of media.

Sound interesting?

Entries are open from any department that works in Information Security from all suppliers of relevant products and services.

Entries are open until 31 October 2017

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