R3: Resilience, Response & Recovery 2016

Your roadmap to a robust Incident Response plan

It’s become an industry motto that it’s not a case of if you get breached, but when. Whether by phishing, Trojans, DDoS or internal sabotage, your defences will be broken through. What do you do when that happens?

The R3 Summit takes you through the most vital steps of your response and recovery strategy, sharing practical take-aways alongside legal guidance and incident exercises.

Join your peers from companies including GE Capital, NHS, Heineken, Thomson Reuters, HSBC and Virgin Media in order to share your experience and learn from theirs.

Our top notch speakers will discuss:

  • The scope of the Incident Response strategy
  • Short and long term cyber security risks to business operations
  • The total cost of cyber crime to your company
  • What to look for in cyber insurance products

And answer the pressing 7 'how to' questions:

  • How to put a formal incident response plan in place
  • How to educate your entire workforce in preparation for a breach
  • How to classify incidents to ensure the correct level of response
  • How to handle the impact on brand and reputation
  • How to budget for the hidden costs of breach recovery
  • How to liaise with law enforcement, and when that’s advisable
  • How to prepare for mandatory breach notification

For more information or for registration enquiries please call Tracey on 0208 349 6475 or email tracey.m@business-reporter.co.uk

Join industry leaders to ensure you:

  • Catch and contain a breach efficiently
  • Vastly minimise recovery time to save money
  • Manage potential brand damage
  • Build and practise an agile incident response plan
  • Telling the public: how much and how soon
Barrie Millett Jan  2014

Barrie Millett

Head of HSSE & Resilience, E.ON UK
Craig Rice

Craig Rice

CSO, Paym & Director of Security, Payments UK
Andrea Simmons

Andrea Simmons

Director, Institute of Information Security Professionals

Kirk Langley

Head of Business Continuity, Brewin Dolphin

Dave Whitelegg

Group Head of Security and Payments, Capita

Jason Tunn

Detective Inspector, FALCON